Do you need a kick-start as a writer?

Or maybe you’ve already set yourself a writing goal but you’ve got bogged down?

Or have you finished your manuscript and need a second opinion?

I offer a suite of  services to help you meet your literary deadline, whether imposed or self-created.

  1. a bespoke weekly mentoring programme with tutorial sessions over three months for beginners or early writers.
  2. a guided writing/reviewing course for those in the middle of a project.
  3. a reader’s report on a finished piece of work, with a once-off appraisal and/or editing service for a fixed fee.

I’m an award-winning novelist and short fiction writer, and a professional editor of long-standing. I’ve taught creative writing at third level in the US and Ireland for 20 years.

You can see my professional profile on LinkedIn –

Please contact me on for further details. 



 I can’t recommend Mary highly enough.  I’m convinced my first book would not have been published without her help –  Tadhg Coakley author of The First Sunday in September and Whatever it Takes (Mercier Press) 

Mary Morrissy is a brilliant writer and a wonderful, skilful and kind mentorMadeleine D’Arcy, author of Waiting for the Bullet (Doire Press) 


I’ve been fortunate to have had editorial input from Mary on a number of occasions, from my fledgling short stories – one of which won the Penguin/RTE Guide short story competition – and more recently with two novels. In each instance, quite simply, her input has made them better.  Quite apart from her own wonderful writing, I have such faith in her creative ideas and her editorial suggestions.  So often, I had that “Oh yes, of course” moment when she illuminated a problem or just queried the possibility of a different way of  approaching something. . . Laura McKenna, author of Words to Shape my Name, forthcoming in spring 2021. (New Island Books.)

Mary Morrissy is the most incisive, focused guide I’ve ever been taught by, and a great motivating force when it comes to pushing through from that messy first draft to the final manuscript. Without her help and support I would not have left the starting gate! – Adrian Wistreich, author of Miriam and It’s Good for You (Amazon)

I would never have gotten into fiction writing without youAlison Driscoll Writer-in- Residence at the Molly Keane House, 2020/21

 ————————————————————————————————————————————- — 

I really appreciated your detailed analysis of my work and I was able to learn a huge amount under your experienced eye..

When I started  I could hardly muster up a page of fiction. . . now I’m several chapters into a novel. 

I almost gave up writing.  Thanks for helping me to keep going. 

Mary created an atmosphere of civility and support, creativity and diligence.

Great advice and attentive reading.
















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