The Rising of Bella Casey

bella cover

Here is the cover of my latest novel due out with O’Brien Press under the Brandon imprint in September.  The wonderful photograph, by Mark Douet, is from the Abbey Theatre Dublin’s most recent production of Sean O’Casey’s Juno and the Paycock and features Sinead Cusack.  The novel, set in the years before the Easter Rising, is based on the life of O’Casey’s sister, Bella. See

4 thoughts on “The Rising of Bella Casey

  1. This is a fascinationg photo that makes you feel like reading the novel. It is at the same time violent and pathetic since the nimble character, Bella, seems to be tortured and desperate. She also seems to be expecting someone to come and help her or she might be locked in her mind and unable to face reality. I am looking forward to reading that novel even more after seeing that splendid shot from Sean O’Casey’s Play staged in Dublin.


  2. Dear Ms Morrissey, Congratulations on your new book! I’ve just listened to you on Women’s Hour and liked what I heard. I’m researching the circumstances that led to O’Casey writing “The Plough and the Stars” – do you know anything about that? My email address is


  3. Hello Mary. I bought your book “the rising of Bella Casey” at a reading you gave in Smock Ally last year. It was a wonderful read, so much so, I didn’t want it to end! I have been raving about it to my friends since and I have recommended it to my book club. I’m lending it out to my close friends as a present, because I thought it that good it’s like been giving a good present!
    I’m going to buy your other books as I’m enthralled with your written word. Thank you for your lovely work.
    Christine McGuinness


    1. Dear Christine
      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m really grateful for your enthusiasm and support, and for referring my book to your club and to your friends. It’s good to know there are evangelical readers out there!

      All best,


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